Michael Conelly, President and Creative Director, Blackthorn Media

Michael Conelly

Michael Conelly is the President and Creative Director of Blackthorn Media, an Academy and Emmy award winning team making interactive narrative in room-scale VR & AR. Since founding Blackthorn in 2013 Michael has been featured as a Writer and Director at Sundance and Tribeca, for his groundbreaking work in interactive storytelling. With two decades of industry-leading feature film and interactive experience prior to Blackthorn, Michael’s ambidextrous grasp of storytelling and technology is helping to illuminate what’s possible in the medium. His haunting story, Caliban Below - a Tale from The Abbot’s Book, is one of the highest-rated VR/AR experiences to date with 94% positive reviews, and is a small piece of an epic fable that will unfold in the coming years.